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The Power of Code

The Power of Code – How the world came to be run by computer code.

From the scythe to the steam engine, we’ve always used technology to control the world around us.

But our ability to shape our environment has been transformed by one machine more than any other – the computer.

What makes computers so powerful is the code they run. It’s incredibly flexible, controlling games one moment and spaceships the next.

It came to do this thanks to individual genius, invention driven by necessity, and the power of human imagination.

How has it come to change the way our lives are so devoted to the digital world and all it means to us. is a non-profit organization and eponymous website led by Hadi and Ali Partovi that aims to encourage people, particularly school students in the United States, to learn computer science.

The website includes free coding lessons and the initiative also targets schools in an attempt to encourage them to include more computer science classes in the curriculum.

On December 9, 2013, they launched the Hour of Code nationwide to promote computer science during Computer Science Education Week through December 15, 2013.

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