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Seatylock – Bicycle locks are going through a renaissance of sorts, as teams of engineers and designers are packing high-tech features into what used to be uninspired pieces of metal.

Some bikes have even been designed to lock themselves without the help of an external lock.

Now thanks to the Seatylock, some cyclists may be able to say that the best bike lock is the one right under their bum.

Simply put, a bicycle saddle can be detached and used as a lock-in for about 30 seconds.

When it’s separated from the bike, extends to turn into a multi-jointed, one-meter (about 3.3 feet) long hardened steel bike lock.

This means cyclists who use the novel bike seat don’t have to worry about lugging a separate lock along with them.

It also means they don’t need to worry about their bicycle saddle being stolen.

Not to be overshadowed by its security features, the team behind the product makes it a point to highlight the thought and effort that went into the comfort and style of the bicycle saddle.

The saddle comes in two versions: Trekking (slimmer) and Comfort (thicker). Each saddle is available in a variety of styles and comes with a universal adapter to ensure that the Seatylock fits with any standard bike.

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