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Kiddle – Safe Browsing

Kiddle, not affiliated with Google, offers a child-safe visual search experience, utilising Google’s results while curating content suitable for young users. It’s a secure gateway to internet exploration.

Kiddle stands out as a trusted option for parents and educators concerned about unsupervised online searches. Its curated results prioritise safety and readability, ensuring children access age-appropriate content.

Featuring a user-friendly interface with large icons and filtered image searches, which maintains a wholesome browsing environment. Its news and video sections offer quality content tailored for young minds.

Yield Results

Searches deliver yield results ranked based on child friendliness, with the first few links thoroughly vetted by Kiddle editors.

Further results maintain a balance between safety and comprehensibility, empowering children to navigate the digital landscape securely.

The platform’s unique approach combines Google Custom Search with an outer space-themed interface, enhancing engagement while maintaining safety measures.

Should users input inappropriate terms, Kiddle redirects with a friendly robot prompt, guiding them back to safe exploration.

This child friendly search engine provides peace of mind to caregivers, offering a gateway to the vast online world while safeguarding against inappropriate content.

It represents a reliable tool for introducing children to the internet in a secure and controlled manner.

Kiddle - Safe Browsing

What do Parents say?

Parents’ opinions about Kiddle Safe Search can vary based on their individual experiences and preferences. However, some common sentiments expressed by parents regarding Kiddle include:

Peace of Mind: Many parents appreciate the peace of mind that Kiddle provides, knowing that their children are less likely to encounter inappropriate content while browsing the internet.

Safety: Parents often commend Kiddle for its focus on safety and filtering out explicit or harmful material from search results, making it a safer option for children to use independently.

Age-Appropriate Content: Kiddle’s age-appropriate search results and language make it easier for parents to trust that their children are accessing information that is suitable for their developmental level.

Educational Value: Some parents value educational resources and the ability to help their children explore various topics in a safe and engaging manner.

User Friendly Interface: The visually appealing and easy-to-navigate interface of Kiddle is often praised by parents, as it makes it simpler for children to search for information and find what they need.

Parental Controls: Parents appreciate the availability of parental controls and settings on Kiddle, allowing them to customise further and monitor their children’s online experience.

Privacy Protection: The fact that Kiddle does not collect personal information from users is reassuring to parents who are concerned about their children’s online privacy.

    While many parents have positive experiences with Safe Search, it’s essential to recognize that no online platform is entirely foolproof, and parental supervision and guidance remain crucial aspects of children’s internet usage.

    Read what the parents are saying about Safe Search on Common Sense Media.

    Kiddle - Safe Browsing

    Kiddle Safe Search Offering Several Benefits:

    Filtered Content: Kiddle uses Google’s SafeSearch technology to filter out explicit or inappropriate content from search results, ensuring that children are not exposed to harmful material.

    Child Friendly Results: Search results are tailored to be age appropriate and easy for children to understand, providing information in a way that is suitable for their developmental level.

    Visual Search: Kiddle offers a visually appealing interface with large thumbnails, making it easier for children to navigate and select search results.

    Safe Browsing: Kiddle provides a safer online environment for children to explore the internet, giving parents peace of mind knowing that their kids are less likely to encounter inappropriate content.

    Educational Resources: Kiddle aims to provide educational content suitable for children, helping them learn and explore various topics safely and engagingly.

    Parental Controls: Parents can feel more confident allowing their children to use Kiddle, as it offers parental controls and settings to customise further and monitor their online experience.

    Encourages Independent Learning: Kiddle encourages children to search for information independently while still maintaining a safe and controlled online environment.

    Privacy Protection: Kiddle doesn’t collect any personal information from users, ensuring their privacy is protected while they browse the internet.

    Overall, Kiddle Safe Search offers a safer and more child-friendly alternative to traditional search engines, allowing children to explore the internet while minimising exposure to inappropriate content.

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