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How much Storage do I need?

Throughout history, humans battled with a series of essential questions when it comes to Digital Storage.

Yes, the Cloud is here and yes, we all ask, where is the Cloud?

However, if you are not familiar with the Cloud and want to invest in external storage, how big should buy hard drive be? What is the capacity? Can someone just tell me the numbers so I can store them:

How many MP3 Songs will 1TB of memory hold
How many Pictures and Images are 500GB?
How many videos will 320GB handle?

Your digital life almost certainly includes music files, documents, videos and songs that need backing up and what are the numbers to tell how BIG to buy.

We can do some rough calculations that can help guide your thinking.

The first number we need is SIX – the average number of years you can expect from an external hard drive. Then, do a quick inventory of your typical digital year:

5,000 Photos
6 hours of video
6,000 MP3 files
7,000 Documents

Times the numbers by SIX then you’ll equate to 30,000 photos, 36 Hours of video, 36,000 songs and 42,000 documents – the table tells you that 160GB of storage is more than enough.

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