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Apple 2020 – Possibly

We love Apple and always discuss what the rumour mills offer and what might appear for Apple 2020 – possibly.

Whether you own iPhones, iPads or Macs, we are going to try and give you a guide on what to expect from Apple in 2020. So here goes…

Apply iPhone SE 2

Apple discontinued the smaller iPhone SE in September 2018. Many users were left empty as there was a lack of well made and budget handsets on the market.

So, it is no surprise that delight is on the horizon as the rumours are suggesting that there are plans for Apple to launch an iPhone SE2, which offers similar dimensions to the satisfying dimensions of the 4in the iPhone SE model which first hit the shelves in March 2016.

iPad Pro

In 2019, Apple updated the iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air, however, the iPad Pro didn’t get any attention, well not much.

The iPad Pro wasn’t offered a yearly update, so the powers at be might suggest that the focus could be on the cards in 2020. We would offer a Spring launch for a new model, updated processor and improved cameras – Possibly!

HomePod 2

We predict and expect Apple to update the HomePod – we are not sure what Apple might offer, how the speaker could be better, and how about a reduction in the price?

Maybe a smaller, cheaper model and design, so they could compete with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. A budget model would drive more sales and immerse Siri in the masses.

Apple TV

On November 1st 2019 Apple launched its new TV+ output delivering new TV shows and movies, with some major league players on the screen.

We would predict that Apple TV hardware may see a revamp. Who knows, we may even see a cheaper Apple Stick, like Amazon Fire. This would certainly gain a new audience, an increase in big numbers across the globe.

Whatever Apple launches in 2020, we will be glued to our devices, hugely excited about what the tech giant will offer business and consumer audiences.

Apple 2020 – possibly

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