iPhone 11 Review

iPhone 11 is here.

And it’s here! The iPhone 11 fails to disappoint the masses of hungry smartphone users looking for their next big investment.

How clever? Take the same technology as pretty much as the iPhone XR – give more camera options and advancement, emphasis on the environment and recycling strategies, give you a new and uber fast A13 chip processor and BANG – reduce the price to gain an increase in market share, where Apple sales dropped over the previous hardware release.

It’s going to be a winner and I for one, will be in the queue to purchase one. I have been waiting for this iPhone. The price point is the key success here, along with the attractive range of models – I may even go Product Red model.

The new iPhone 11 has a wonderful new landing page it’s just as fun as the thought of a new purchase in my journey of never ending innovation.

Check out AppleInsider review – they love it!

Join me and go buy yourself this wonderful new bit of tech, just make sure you leave me one in stock!