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CorkFrame is different. Born from our frustrations with the generic, thin, cheaply made pinboards, we have applied our years of expertise in industrial design to produce a robust, well thought and desirable corkboard, more fitting for our modern environments.

Using state of the art manufacturing techniques, each CorkFrame is cut from a solid block of medium grain cork, which we specifically chose for its durability and warm natural finish.

CorkFrame is designed for life and made to last – machined from a solid block of sustainable Portuguese cork

CorkFrame is a place to pin stuff that matters – cherished mementoes of the slow life; your favourite picture, that ticket from last year’s festival which still makes you smile, your best friend’s wedding invite or that recipe you’ve been meaning to try.

Key Features

CorkFrame is purposefully paired back and beautifully simple – the 48mm/ 1.8” depth of the solid cork presented an ideal opportunity to add an integral shelf to house any loose or important daily items, such as those keys you always struggle to find.

100% Sustainable

Cork is the bark from the Cork Oak tree and is a phenomenal material. When a tree reaches maturity the bark is carefully harvested by experts using age-old methods, making sure the tree remains totally unharmed and able to re-grow.

Over the following 9 years, the bark will totally regenerate readily to be harvested again. Making it a truly sustainable FSC approved material.

What a thing!

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