DIY Gamer Kit

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The DIY Gamer Kit, you can build your own handheld games console that uses inputs to control an 8×8 LED matrix display. Solder together 40 parts on our custom circuit board to make your Gamer. Good for ages 8+/


Once the DIY Gamer Kit is built and complete turn on the gamer and play snake to your hearts content. Then head to the library, download breakout and start to explore how the gamer works and get playing.


The gamer is controlled by one of our favourite open-source platforms, Arduino. Head to the website download the Arduino software and introduce yourself to the wonderful world of physical computing.


Use the custom library, our cheat sheets, how to videos and your imagination to start creating your own games. Now you can experiment, invent, play and share your creations. People have made everything from tetris to pacman!

Worth a look and try the build. Cool! The official Website: Here.