Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook Messenger Rooms - design and internet

Introducing Facebook Messenger Rooms Facebook Messenger Rooms – This had to come and will be online in a short time. Yes, Facebook is taking aim at the video conferencing market. With the very popular Zoom, Microsoft’s stable Skype and Teams, Google enhanced Duo which are all busy in the current market, and now, Facebook has […]

Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy - design and internet

Oak National Academy – Since all schools were closed, after the outbreak of COVID-19 the Education sector has had to adapt and look at ways to communicate efficiently with students of all ages. Can online teaching replace the classroom? We don’t think that an online platform could ever replace the relationship between Teacher and Pupil, […]

Environmental effects of coronavirus

Environmental effects of coronavirus - design and internet

Think about the environmental effects of coronavirus – From crystal clear waters in the canals of Venice to dramatic falls in pollution levels in major cities, the coronavirus pandemic has had a number of positive effects on the environment as millions across the world are placed under lockdown. – During the national lockdown in Cape […]

COVID-19 Online Help

COVID-19 Online Help - design and internet

We all know that the world is in difficult and challenging times. We are offering COVID-19 Online Help for businesses that are in need of advice for online services. Can we help you? Recently, we have helped the education sector, with online platforms for schools and guiding small and medium-sized businesses to progress through the […]