Calbuca volcano erupting


Chile’s Calbuca volcano erupting in breathtaking 4K timelapse.

It was the chance of a lifetime for filmmaker Martin Heck and his crew when, in pursuit of film of neighbouring Osorno volcano in Chile, Calbuco erupted to everyone’s surprise.

The crew scrambled to set up cameras wherever they could find a clear view and kept them rolling, much to the delight of everyone who gets to now see the awesome majesty of this geological event from a safe distance.

Calbuco is located partly in Puerto Varas Commune and partly in Puerto Montt Commune. It lies 49 km from the city of Puerto Varas and 69 km from Puerto Montt. Its name is thought to come from the Mapuche words “kallfü” (blue) and “ko” (water), meaning “blue water”.

It shares the name with Calbuco Island in nearby Reloncaví Sound as well as the city and commune of Calbuco, although it is not located there.

Breathtaking stuff. Learn more: here. Film credits: Timestorm Films.