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AirPods Lite

The talk of AirPods Lite is melting the tech forums. From the second-generation AirPods to the technologically superior AirPods Max, Apple presently offers four different AirPods models.

Additionally, even though AirPods have gained a lot of popularity, they are not exactly inexpensive.

The business is currently developing on new “AirPods Lite,” according to analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong Intl Tech Research, to compete with less expensive wireless earbuds.

Demand for Aipods

Despite being popular accessories, the expert anticipates that by 2023, demand for AirPods will decline based on his industry sources.

In more detail, it is anticipated that shipments of AirPods will fall from 73 million units in 2022 to 63 million in 2023.

This would be partially caused by “soft AirPods 3 demand” and the possibility that Apple won’t introduce new AirPods this year.

New AirPods Lite is on the way

The company has allegedly been working on “AirPods Lite,” according to the analyst in a note seen by 9to5Mac.

Exactly what this product is and what characteristics it will have are currently unknown, although Pu described it as a “lower priced product” to compete with non-Apple earphones.

AirPods Price Point

Apple retained the older AirPods 2 model on hand in retailers at a reduced price of $129 with the release of the AirPods 3 in 2021, while the AirPods 3 were more expensive at $169. 

These “AirPods Lite” should be less than $129 in price. Apple may also simply lower the cost of the second-generation AirPods even further, say to $99, as a different alternative.

Apple released the second-generation AirPods Pro in 2022 with several improvements, such as improved noise cancelling and a new charging case equipped with the U1 chip for Precision Finding.

The third generation of Apple’s ordinary AirPods and even the more expensive AirPods Max headphones are not expected to receive an update any time soon, according to speculations.

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