1st Phone For Your Child

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The 1st phone for your child. We have found a little phone with a lot to offer. When do you give your child a mobile without running the risk of hefty data charges and an understanding of what a mobile phone is meant for. Let’s try and give a recommendation of a sensible mobile phone that is simply for making calls, just calls…

The 1stFone is the world’s simplest mobile phone but that’s not all! It has a bunch of innovative features that make it a great phone for you and your child.

Small and light
1stFone is credit card sized and only weighs 40g.

You design your 1stFone and we build it for you.

Ready to use
1stFone is ready‐to‐use straight out of the box.

Easy to use
To make a call just press a name button.

1stFone only calls the people you choose.

No Text or Internet
Just good old fashioned voice calls.

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