We are always looking for fun and innovative solutions.

Grand Central Station Shot with a Canon 5Dmk2

Flightpattern Audio responsive video exploration, based on audio input,randomness and mouse gestures.

WIP Superflow Music TestAn audio synchronized superflow test made with our custom developed Superflow Clone Modifier.

The Virtual Revolution:
The BBC recently aired a documentary series called 'The Virtual Revolution'. Experts were interviewed about all things digital. The Virtual Revolution was an open and collaborative production, which encouraged the web audience to help shape the series. For each programme, one can explore the debates around programme themes, watch and comment on interview and graphics clips, and download clips for personal use and re-editing. HERE

Gilles Peterson:
Music pioneer Gilles Peterson takes us on an up close and personal ride through his 30 year career sharing humorous insights on his life and times as one of the most influential DJs in global jazz and dance music scene.

Half Seas Over:
This is a live music video I made for Half Seas Over, the new project of Elan Mehler and Adam McBride-Smith. From their live show at Nublu on September 10th, 2009 in Alphabet City. Their wonderful album will be available on Brownswood Recordings in early 2010.

A weird but thoughtful piece for motion graphic buffs. The clip show's off some very nove use of computer graphics put to music.

Clutchy Hopkins - Verbal Headlock:
From the new Clutchy Hopkins album "The Story Teller" on Ubiquity Records. This track already awarded among the year's best on Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show on BBC Radio 1. 

The Big Idea - A story of DIY in the Digital Age:
Our story is much the same as many of yours. Through the use of the internet we were able to shift the scales in our favor. Technology and the internet IS the Revolution. Use it! It just might save your life.

Birds on a Wire:
A charming piece of digital innovation to cut through the stresses of the working day - we enjoyed this, so do check it out.

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