MOKIBOX: Portable Aluminium WIFI Speaker with Premium Sound by MOKISOUND

A portable WiFi speaker with big clean sound, play via smartphone or as standalone speaker and sync audio files from cloud audio library.

The MOKIBOX is a portable WiFi speaker that is going to provide a fantastic audio experience for the listener, regardless if the sound originates from a tablet, a smartphone, or even sync from the cloud library.

THE MOKIBOX – Internet Speaker

  • The First Real WiFi + HiFi Speaker
  • Supports AirPlay and DLNA
  • MOKIBOX can directly access a cloud audio library
  • Manage your audio files no matter where you are.

MOKIBOX can be a standalone player

  • MOKIBOX is equipped with built-in memory.
  • MOKIBOX can play music on its own – no need for any other device.

The Party Need Never Stop! 

Smartphone users will love MOKIBOX because of a special feature we’ve developed just for them!

You’ll never be interrupted by sudden calls

  • When you’re listening to music on your phone and dancing or laughing with friends, what happens when you get an incoming call? The music stops, and your friends have to wait until you’re done with the call before they can start grooving to the music again.
  • MOKIBOX will continue to play music to the rest of the room while you’re on your phone chatting with your friend, colleague from work, or family member!

We think this is very cool and worth supporting on Kickstarter.

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