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    digital services

Digital Services encompass a particular set of instructions and a sensible amount of planning between a client and consultant from the beginning. It is most important that companies choose the most suitable solution to achieve their specific objectives. We offer many digital services to meet your requirements. Contact _designandinternet and speak to a representative on 020 8123 0774.

Web Design & Development

Almost immediately your website must make a impact and offer a smooth user experience. A website design is a developing project. We develop websites using HTML 5, PHP, .Net, WordPress, CSS 3 and JQUERY. Focusing on user experience, optimisation to the web, a solid flow of delivery and design adjustment.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Is your website architecture in-line with search engine requirements? We ensure that your web created content is optimised to work with your suite of targeted keyword searches. Such techniques include keyword analysis, tagging of all content and specific submission to the required search engines.

Content Management Systems

We aim to match your requirements and be alert to your experience, _designandinternet will recommend the most preferred content management system that works for your business – from WordPress to a bespoke solution. Our aim is to train you to use your Content Management System (CMS) and support you throughout.


The most common choice for web hosting is to use a third party hosting provider, which allows to concentrate on developing your website. We recommend hosting companies who specialise in this field. We walk you through the best in the business, deciding on who to invest with to target 100% up-time.

Social Media

Research and Analysis suggest that more and more decision makers are now using social media to find and share information. In fact, for small and medium sized businesses, social media sites are an ideal way to build relationships and increase your reputation online.

Mobile Websites

Mobile devices have caught up and taken over desktop computers. How do you increase your mobile presence, offering the correct information to a moving audience. We find this is a big question from clients, so we aim that their online property is responsive on all devices.